Municipal Art Gallery

The Municipal Gallery of Chios is housed in the magnificent architectural building of the old Muicipal Baths which operated until the middle of the 1970s. The building was designed by the renowned Architect Mr. Despotopoulos, based on the architectural standards of Kampos on the island of Chios. Its erection commenced in 1939 and was completed in 1954. The initial allusions to and the first decision for the conversion of the Municipal Baths to an Art Gallery was taken in 1984. The splendid architectural edifice that housed the Municipal Baths lied in a state of ruins, deserted and threatened by time’s relentless deterioration. The wish of Pavlos Mitarakis, son of the great painter from Chios Yiannis Mitarakis, to donate to the Municipality of Chios a number of his father’s paintings, thus realizing the artist’s will, was also the cause for saving and restoring the old baths. Thus the decrepit but beautiful building was restored and now is a true jewel of our city. In 1994 besides the Mitarakis endowment, the Municipality of Chios also acquired the collection of European painters, mainly dating in the 19th century, which belonged to Nicolaos Diomataris and was courteously donated by his family. The paintings of the Mitarakis and Diomataris endowments today form the permanent display of the Municipal Art Gallery. The work of artists from Chios, Greece and abroad has been promoted by individual and team exhibitions; while at the same time it functions as a space, home to the artistic creativity of the students of the island.

Address: Andrea Syggrou St., downtown
Phone Contact: 22710 43830

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