Pebble beach, Beach bar


The seaside resort of Giosonas offers a restful and relaxing holiday. The lovely beach of Giosonas is large in length and ideal for relaxing moments. It consists of small pebbles and wonderful clear water. A beach bar operates on the beach attracting lots of people. The name of the area is associated with the mythical hero of antiquity, Jason. Rumor has it that Jason passed from this place of Chios during the Argonautica expedition. The wooded location of Giosonas is surrounded by pine trees and is situated at the foot of Mt. Pelinnaio. The pebble beach stretches about 800 meters long and the area is quiet even during the summer months. The spectacular gorge of Giosonas stands on the west side of the area. A river of the same name flows from the gorge into the beach. The village of Kardamyla is only a few kilometres away. This place of the island offers a real escape from the hustle of the city and visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature. At the crack of dawn a unique picture of the Aegean and Asia Minor can be marveled from Giosonas.

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