Agio Galas Cave

The cavern of Agio Galas is located northwest in the village of the same name and it is a three cave complex. The highest cave is the least known. At the entrance of the middle cave there is the chapel of Panagia Agiogalousaina, built some time during the 13th century. The chapel is adorned with a magnificent wooden iconostasis. Moving deeper the chapel of St. Anna can be seen and then a part of the cave which is still dripping a milk-like liquid and is considered to have healing properties. The area owes its name to this phenomenon. The lowest and largest cave includes a corridor 220 meters long with a labyrinthine pattern and significant stalactite ornamentation. The excavations of the caves have revealed discoveries of great archaeological value dating back to the Neolithic period (5500 BC). Pottery, tools and figurines are some of them and are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Chios.

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