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The village of Mesta is the best preserved medieval castle village of Chios. Built in the Middle Ages, it developed a complex defense system to be protected from enemies. It is a maze of numerous narrow portico streets, many of which lead to a dead end for deliberately misleading the enemy. Small circular towers at the corners of the village strengthened the defense of the settlement which has a pentagonal shape. The main iron gate is one of the two entrances and is called the Captain's door. In the village there are many churches but the most famous is the Archangel church-monastery in the central square where the oldest central tower stands. There are many beaches nearby the village such as Merikounta, Apothyka, Avlonia and Salagona. Many traditions revive in the village making it a lively place all year round. The carnival is celebrated in the village square when the custom of Agas is awakened. Also, on August 8th and 9th local people celebrate the feast of Suma and from August 10th to 17th the fishermen's feast is carried out. On August 7th a big feast takes place at Merikounta beach and on October 8th the Archangel is honored.

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