Abandoned village


The medieval settlement of Anavatos is a historical place of Chios deeply connected with the Massacre of 1822 and has been abandoned since then. It is built on a rock with steep slopes, leaving only access from the north side. It is well preserved with two-storey long houses and walls made ​​of stone derived from the rock of the mountain. Anavatos was probably used to control the western shores of the pirates. Buildings such as the Church of the Archangel and the "3-storey" that housed a mill at ground level, a school on first and a church on second floor are of great interest. It is said that during the Massacre of Chios, the gates of Anavatos opened because of a betrayal and while the locals awaited for a regular siege, they were massacred while many chose to drop themselves off the cliff. The victims were numbered up to 1500 people including men, women and children. The village is called Mystras of the Aegean and it is considered to be a national monument of the island. The settlement is protected as a historical site and restoration efforts are being made.

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