Hiking trail, Canyon

Hiking in Kambia canyon

In North Chios, in the village of Kambia a path unfolds at an altitude of 350 metres leading to a small canyon that constitutes a habitat for rare bird species. The view is unique and the vegetation lush. The route is fairly easy except for a short section shortly after the beginning of the path where the soil is wet and slippery. During the journey there are name plates describing the types of trees and plants that stand around. Hanging rocks, bridges made of wood and concrete, the water of the river and the greenery create an amazing journey. Oria's Castle is built on top of a hanging rock. It's only accessible through a dirt road shorty before the village of Kambia. The church of St. Paraskevi which stands proudly on top of the rock and the bird observatory form another pleasant picture. After hiking along the river for some time, the path leads to the beach of Kambia.

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