Medieval village


Armolia is a mainly lowland village famous for the ceramic utensils. In this place, apart from the production of mastiha residents were involved with pottery. In the past the village was a busy center due to the production of ceramic pieces that were used for simple daily activities. Utensils such as dishes, platters, pots, jugs and many other were made on a regular basis for a long period of life until they were replaced by plastic. Now the skilled artisans make decorative and festive dishes, mirrors and other lovely items. At the entrance of the village there are local laboratories with numerous porcelain ornaments displayed which constitute a characteristic image of the village. Some impotrant sites of the village are the churches of St. Demetrios and Virgin Mary standing in the square. Also, the Castle of Apolichnon rises on a hill in the west of the village and through a picturesque route it can be reached. Just outside the village there is the Life Giving Spring Monastery. The village celebrates on July 20th.

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