Medieval village


Olympi is a small castle-village with its characteristics being quite well preserved. Stone houses make their appearance from a distance, offering a magnificent view of the village. In the village square there is an old stone tower that opens its doors at parties and festivals. Apart from the tower, the church of St. George and the old church of St. Paraskevi with the wooden iconostasis of the 18th century are very important sites. An other thing Olympi is well known for is the local wine called "Olympousiko". Also, the custom of Aga revives in the village square on Shrove Monday gathering lots of visitors. A few kilometers away from the small village of Olympi there is the Olympi cavern with a remarkable decoration of stalactites and stalagmites. Some of the nearby beaches are Salagona, Agia Dynami with the church of St. Theodosia, Karida and Kato Fana. The village celebrates on St. George's Day, on April 23rd.

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