Medieval village


Elata is a medieval castle village which is preserved to a small extent, consisting of houses and towers surrounded by olive groves. The parish church of the village is the stone temple of the Holy Trinity. The haven of Elata is Agia Irini, a bay with a chapel of the same name. Three small islands are located at the west Elata. St. Stephen with its small chapel, Mikro Nisi and Pelagonisos. Some icredible nearby beache are Agia Irini, Potamoi and Didima. The local feast day of the village is on August 1st and 2nd, on St Steven's Day when tradition has it that boats set sail from Agia Irini and Limenas Meston to the island of St. Steven's. A 2-day festival follows at the church yard and lots of people visit the small island by boat. Another feast day of Elata is on September 8th.

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